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Quite a number of people replied about traveling again to Mallorca, Spain. Unfortunately, with travel bans and what have you, the annual retreat is currently up in the air. The second all-inclusive retreat in Mallorca is still n ot on the schedule. Updates will be posted here.


Besides my two awesome partners and yoga teachers, Lilla and Peter, there are lots of magival reasons to return to the island of Mallorca. First there's our hosts, Sylvia Benito Ennis and her husband Juan Benito with their mastermind sessions and wonderful meals. Then there's the yoga classes in an all glass studio overlooking the Meditarranean Sea. There's the mountain hike, the Broadway style show, the boat ride and train ride, the beach, and more... oh, we're definitely going back. 



In the meantime, I'm scouting out yoga retreat locations in sunny Florida. I think by the end of 2021 into the beginning of 2022. MOre people will be traveling. Details to come.

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