Yoga with Denise
Yoga with Denise


"This has been the most wonderful yoga class I have ever attended. Denise's integrity, enthusiasm and performance always kept my attention at the same level from the very beginning until the end."

-       - Manuel Morelli


 "I love taking Denise's yoga class for a number of reasons. She takes me out of myself and brings me into the yoga by helping me find the balance between effort and surrender. She makes me laugh when it can hurt the most and then I forget the pain and remember the pose. She takes me on a new journey in each class and I feel myself expand a little in that cold dark place inside and into the light. Finally, she helps me just enjoy the yoga in the moment and the peace it brings."     

- Christine Lee


"Denise motivates you to push yourself without going too far. I enjoy coming to this class in particular because Denise creates a safe environment where you don't feel like you are competing with anyone or yourself."

- Rue LaSalle


"I was so glad that I stumbled upon this class. Denise is so fun! The things she says cracks me, I'll bet you're seeing Jesus or some divine being right now as I hold you in this pose. She also makes very wise statements as well such as, Your life off the mat parallels your life on the mat. She keeps me inspired and coming to yoga class. Thanks Denise!"

- Ginger Merritt


"I especially enjoy class with Denise because as a beginner she has really taught me the basics of yoga. I feel very comfortable in her class which is important to me, and I know she will give me the best advice. She has been one of the best teachers at YogaWorks."

-       Heather Cummings


"I come to class regularly because I feel great after I leave, and I continue to feel relaxed, calm, strong and limber. I also like it because the instructor, Denise, encourages you to do things and move in ways I would never want to own my own. It's challenging and kind of hurts, but it's like a little accomplishment to be proud of once it's over."

- Sam Johnson


"I feel that Denise is a unique spirit who cares deeply about her students and their respective abilities and/or injuries."

 - Naresh


"Denise relaxes my mind, and she makes me feel good about myself. Her energy is amazing! I look forward to every Monday & Wednesday to take class with her." 

-Rebecca Gibson





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