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Yoga with Denise

Yoga at Work

Why Yoga In The Work Place?


You care about your employees’ happiness, like these folks at State Farm Insurance, and you know that good health equals high productivity. Yoga is an easy, cost effective way to ensure that employees in your company are looking forward to coming to work. And with today’s burdened healthcare costs, yoga is the preventive medicine keeping employees healthy and happy.



  • reduce stress levels
  • improve concentration
  • strengthen immune system
  • alleviate back and neck pain
  • increase motivation and happiness 


Denise will travel to your office for on-site instruction. Sessions last 45 minutes to one hour, and can be done before work, during lunch, or after work. They teach employees simple exercises and techniques that can be done right at your desk to alieviate day to day pain and stiffness. Inquire about an Intro to Yoga session or class package by contacting Denise.


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