Yoga with Denise
Yoga with Denise



Return Engagement 

"Back by popular demand!"


Central Pennsylvania Educational Resources, Inc. was created to provide the health care professional with exciting, educational programs in the beautiful setting of Central Pennsylvania. 




Monday, April 20


Wednesday, April 22

at the

Ramada Inn & Convention Center

1450 S. Atherton Street - State College, PA, 16801


Yoga With Denise


2 Break-out Sessions


Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move around

Be prepared to kick your shoes

Yoga mats are not necessary, but you can bring one if you have it

Also bring a towel as a prop

All levels of experience are welcome

Bring your beginners mind





Yoga In Business & Healthcare

Improve energy, productivity & well-being when you line up yoga practices with work



   Learn simple breathing, focus and stretching techniques to de-stress, get the body’s systems open, and improve health. Work at your own level in the group, and wake up your awareness. Beginners are invited. Yoga happens on the inside and not on the outside. It’s the journey and not the destination. The practice reframes perspectives and resets neurological patterns to help the body detoxify and let go of unwanted gunk (mental, physical, emotional). Through breath, alignment, intention, focus and mind-body balance we can make relationships and adjustments to our everyday habits and working conditions, while simultaneously improving our body’s health. One is never too old, too stiff, too late for yoga. Yoga is a life style and not a workout, although one gets the benefits of a so-called workout. Yoga is actually a ”work in.” In this practice we take what we observe about ourselves in simple poses, and see how we carry it around with us in the world. Yoga integrates the good parts and helps you let go of the parts you don’t need. Come stretch, laugh, learn, and see the relationship between a yoga practice and how you work. Yoga is experiential.




Short Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

To Alleviate Aches & Pains


   Participants are taught a variety of brief and easy yoga exercises they can do anytime during the day to rid the body of back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel or restless leg syndrome. Also presented are ways to calm personal stress when it arises by utilizing breathing methods. Postures and breathing techniques can be done right at your desk, both sitting and standing, and can target specific problems or day to day chronic fatigue and pain. As little as 45 seconds of the appropriate movement, stretch and/or breath can alleviate specific and common ailments. Those attending will follow along and practice with a written sheet of yoga postures to heal areas of discomfort or pain. When class is finished, they will be given the paper to have as their own reference guide when they leave the conference. This paper can be posted near or on your work space as a reminder of what to do if stress, back pain or neck pain or wrist aches come up. This class and lecture has been highly popular with corporate businesses who support preventive healthcare.

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