Yoga with Denise
Yoga with Denise

Business Conferences


Planning a business conference, but looking for something extra to motivate and engage attendees? Then meet Denise McClellan, humorous motivational speaker and yoga-stretch leader. She can make your next conference gathering a uniquely special and memorable experience which will get folks talking and also keep bringing attendees back, year after year.


Let's face it, a conference experience of sitting in a chair hour after hour, no matter how interesting the topic, takes a toll on the human body. Energy can decrease, as well as focus, concentration and motivation. Denise will engage your audience by doing a 10 to 15 minute warm up including humorous motivational antidotes while doing basic yoga group stretching with breath. Best of all, everyone can do it!


Curious? Why not contact Denise and schedule a phone conversation. There's no obligation, and you will experience, first hand, what engaging with Denise is really like...

What a great way to start your morning session! Denise will return in the afternoon to do the same bringing more energy to keep spirits up and attention focused. Refreshing for participants, it's both energizing and attention focusing. All the while Denise is available to lead full yoga classes during conferences at breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your customized conference package.


Workshops designed for or tailored to conferences are created to improve health, lift energy, raise productivity and keep your attendees coming back for more year after year. Google, Amazon, and other progressive companies are all jumping on the wagon to include yoga in their conferences. Brochures and e-documents including further details are available upon request.

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